Green Crack Goddess


Sometimes known as Green Goddess, Green Cush or just Cush, Green Crack Goddess is regarded as the perfect strain to enjoy during the day. Although the origins of Green Goddess are unclear, it is known to be a sativa-dominant strain with THC levels of between 12% and 20%. This strain is often used to help combat tiredness, stress and depression and is perfect for daytime enjoyment. Green Goddess is frequently recommended by budtenders for recreational use and can be found at cannabis stores and online dispensaries.

Green Goddess’ vibrantly-colored buds have the typical tight indica-structure with shades of light green running through to dark, forest green. Pistils are dark brown and usually covered with a light, sticky sheen of trichomes. The use of a grinder is usually required to break up these buds.

Green Goddess is known as a pleasantly aromatic plant with a floral, almost fruity fragrance. But, evidencing the strain’s Kush lineage, these scents are undercut by dank, Kush-like odors. The taste is light and enjoyable with some citrus notes.

Green Goddess is known as a fast-acting strain and the high is experienced very quickly. It is felt as a mental-buzz that stimulates the mind and allows users to focus on task completion. The energizing effects of Green Goddess are often used to complete work or to be productive and especially creative. It is also a great choice for socializing as conversation is enhanced and it has a strong tendency to improve the user’s outlook.

Later in the high a more calming vibe takes hold. This body relaxation begins tin the neck and moves down the limbs making them heavy. This has been found to be an ideal state for watching a movie or simply chilling out on the couch.

This slow slide into a mellow state makes Green Goddess ideal for using later in the day. It also means it has a number of medical uses such as reducing anxiety and stress, limiting the symptoms of ADHD and soothing nausea.

Green Goddess is a fascinating strain that is likely to become a favourite for many users and is available from online dispensaries today.

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Green Crack Goddess

If you have ever questioned why cannabis lovers put the item on a pedestal, a single Green Crack Goddess marijuana taste will clarify why this suggestive variety offers customers a snoring euphoria that puts you on Cloud Nine until you crash out to be blissful.


TaleOfTwoStrains Green Crack Goddess is an absolute classic Sativa-dominant hybrid strain developed in Athens, Georgia, in the 1970s. Originally created by the elusive breeder Cecil C, this variety is a cross of Skunk No.1 Sativa and Afghan landrace indica.

Green Goddess’s flowers definitely explain the exalted name of the weed. These buds are medium to wide and have a distinctly indicative bud shape, sticking together in a thick, firm block. They vary from highly tapered, cylindrical to near-spherical. The closely packed leaves have many contrasting colors, varying from a dark green forest to a light green season. Hairy, dark brown pistils twist the buds, too. Even the coating of cloudy, translucent trichomes gives these flowers a white shine and a very sticky texture, making them hard to break up without a grinder.


The Green Crack Goddess is an interesting specimen. The soft, pungent flavor is undeniable, as is the earthy smell of a small plant. Most marijuana consumers define the smell as refreshingly sweet. Green Crack Goddess fragrance, contributes to the flavor, with herbal undertones that intensify the spice and tropical flavor of the brew. Long story short: tastes better than smells.

Benefits Green Crack Goddess ability to maintain focus can help those with attention-deficit disorders to work thoroughly on single tasks. Usually, mood-elevating pressure properties that often briefly relieve symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression. Physiologically speaking, Green Crack Goddess will relieve aches and pains, whether acute due to injury or persistent due to arthritis or fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, because the early stages of the Green Crack Goddess are associated with intense brain Thought, this could not be the right option for panic-prone patients or have a low THC tolerance.


Green Goddess is a fun variety that is sure to become a favorite among many clients and is available at Visit and buy Green Crack Goddess and enjoy this strain personally or with a party of buddies with the same mind for a special spiritual experience. leading online dispensary goal is to teach all people about cannabis, its potential, and its infinite possibilities. More specifically, dispensary aims to lead the cannabis tale that is now our era’s greatest wellness. leading online dispensary want to bring social awareness to both users and supporters of the green rush by lifting the global mask of restriction and changing the face of modern medicine forever

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